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Guiding fellow wandering creative souls home so you can show up in this world fully, wholeheartedly, mindfully. Lunar Wanderings:

Unshackling from social media conditioning

Photo by Aditya Saxena on Unsplash

There is a shift happening on social media. There is a shift happening in our society.

We are waking up to the harm caused by social media conditioning. We are no longer numb to its effects on us. We are starting to question our own behaviours around it. We are looking for different approaches. We are seeking out people who have figured out a different approach.

We no longer want the mindless scrolling and tapping. We no longer want to contribute for the sake of validation and attention. The novelty of being connected 24/7 is wearing off. We want our…


No, competition has nothing to do with it

I used to live for the notifications that a new post would bring.

Bing. Someone likes my sweaty face.

Bing. Someone else finds it motivational.

Bing. Bing. Bing. Oh yes, I am winning with this post.

But then the notifications stop. Its short-lived existence has filled its part. It is time for the next one to be birthed.

And so the vicious cycle of seeking attention and gratification continues. Yet, the frustration and dissatisfaction are only deepening. Regardless, the chase for that momentary high of external validation and approval must go on.

A conversation between Brené Brown and the sports…

It might change yours too

A photo of a cave. A stream of light is shining down on the opening of the cave, revealing its rocky bottom.
Photo by Iswanto Arif on Unsplash

“I did it. I let it go.”

This old journal entry from 20 October 2020 marked the end of a three-year hustle. But it was a seemingly simple question I’d asked myself a few days before that gave me the courage to finally face my fears. I was ready to admit that for the past three years I had been chasing someone else’s dream life.

It was time to start living mine.

Social Media — The Root of Comparisonitis?

Comparison doesn’t just steal our joy. It robs us of our uniqueness. Sure, we’re told to embrace our True Selves. We’re encouraged to stand out and break the…

Seeker of True Self. Pottering coffee drinker. Occasional fiber art maker. Casual plant parent. A Generator with Sacral Authority.

Me in all my glory on a beach in Estonia — a place I was born in this life.

For someone who hates labels this is about as specific as it gets.

I’m not sure if it is an age thing but I’ve noticed, the older I get the less patience I have for the generic questions and answers. …

Nothing changes if nothing changes

A graphic outlining new rules of engagement for social media. Stop the halfhearted double taps, the constant use of emojis, scrolling mindlessly, following just to get a follow back, showing up unintentionally.
Graphic created by the author

We can’t expect the world to change if we don’t change.⁠

Social media will never change if we don’t change.⁠

The double-taps and the emojis take away our true power — our words.⁠

We talk to each other by using these symbols and then go about our day, without even questioning why or what or how.⁠

I wrote the following statements a little while back and shared them with my email community but it is time to share them publicly.⁠

I am demanding my attention back.⁠

I am demanding my mundanity back.⁠

I am demanding my full worth back.⁠

I am demanding to be seen and heard fully…

Seeking wisdom and knowledge

Blue smoke on a black background
Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

Did you know that Neptune wasn’t officially discovered until right after midnight on 24 September 1846?⁠

⁠It is suggested that Galileo may have recorded it back in 1612 as a faint star. Had he followed it over a period of time, he’d have had noticed its unusual movement. But he had mistaken it for a fixed star.⁠

⁠In astrology, Neptune represents a person’s inner life, faith, higher beliefs, and how a person approaches creativity.⁠

⁠It is a generational planet which means its energy impacts a whole generation of people and not just the individual. …

A leaf bud slowly opening up.
Photo by Jonas Kaiser on Unsplash

The same old story.

Feeling unworthy of love.

Time to let it loose.

Fear of rejection

grasping my soul so tightly

I struggle to breathe.

It’s rather funny — I wrote these two haikus a little while ago when I had every intention to follow through on this 30-day poetry challenge. I remember telling myself that I am not too sure about them so I left these haikus to sit and simmer with every intention to come back and revisit them.

The other day, as I read them, the words somehow felt worthy of sharing. Who knows, maybe it is…

The story of Sidereal and Tropical astrology

An image of the Mikly Way and a starry sky with a lighthouse at the distance.
Photo by Josh Gordon on Unsplash

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have figured out your zodiac sign by looking at the commonly used dates for each sign. My whole life I’ve thought of myself as a Libra. I’ve aligned with some of its qualities and others have never really made sense.

Secretly, I’ve always thought of myself as a Virgo. But does it really matter?

Not really if you think it is all for a bit of fun. But if you like me like to use Astrology as a tool for self-reflection and self-improvement, then not relating to your sign can be a bit jarring…

How to claim your spot with integrity

A photo of a dried up iron flower.
Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

We put so much pressure on ourselves. We make promises before we’ve thought through the consequences of what not meeting them would bring. We don’t allow space for reconfiguration, for flexibility.

I send out a newsletter every other Tuesday. The rigidity of that truly got to me this week. I was so consumed by the idea that my subscribers are depending on me, that they’re out there waiting for my email to land in their inbox. And as the clock ticked away, the screen stayed silent.

As I am learning to lean into my inner wisdom and my nudges, I…

Silvia Poldaru, MA

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